About Marutham

Seeraga Samba

Seeraga Samba is an aromatic rice variety from Southern India highly preferred for preparing biriyani.


  • Since it resembles the shape of Jeera (Cumin) it is named as Seeraga Samba.
  • The rice is extremely fine and aromatic and hence used for making biriyani.
  • It helps to cure vatha related disorders and easily digestible.
  • It finds mention in Pazhani Copper inscriptions and several traditional medical texts.

Mappillai Samba

Mappillai samba is a traditional red rice variety with coarse grains from Tamil Nadu providing high stamina and strength.


  • This variety increases the stamina. It has high carbohydrate and crude fibre content.
  • Consumption of Mappilla Samba rice washed water helps to cure mouth and stomach ulcers.
  • It increases the digestive power and also helps diabetic patients.
  • This variety can withstand flooding and is a climate smart variety.

White Ponni

White ponni rice is a variety of rice preferred in Tamil Nadu for regular consumption.


  • This is a fine variety which is preferred by regular rice consumers.
  • It has high levels of calcium and potassium.

Vermi Compost

Vermicompost is a promising unique organic fertilizer prepared by composting waste utilizing earthworms.


  • It is extremely soft and contains nutrients which are easily and immediately absorbable by the crops.
  • Increases soil fertility and within 3 – 4 days after application one can see the crops looking fresh and green.
  • Increases the carbon content of the soil.
  • Neutralizes the pH of the soil.

Neem Seed Powder

Neem Seed Powder is a promising unique organic fertilizer.


  • Contains high levels of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium besides calcium and magnesium. Application to crops provides them with various nutrients.
  • Neem seed powder reduces the number of soil insect pests, fungi, bacteria and nematodes and protects the crop from damage caused by these organisms.
  • It also reduces alkalinity in the soil.